August 7th, the day of our long awaited fun day, dawned rather cloudy but by the time we had got everything out the sun was shining brightly. The event was designed so some of our less abled drivers could take part, so it was decided that a driving gymkhana would be a good idea.

First we had a standing presentation with points awarded for smartness and appropriate turnout for the task ahead. Then came various challenges, a cones course (with balls on!) incorporating a 20 metre circle on both reins and a 10 second halt and rein back.

This was closely followed by three activities -  putting flags in a cone, 3 beanbags thrown in a bucket and ‘walking the plank’. This activity caused most hilarity with the ground helpers having to balance along a plank with two cups full of water and handing a cup to their driver who had to then drive a circle in walk holding said cup. One driver and helper decided it would be very funny to soak their AB whip in the process.  Fortunately, the sun soon dried everyone off. Tea and cakes were provided by our willing volunteers, many of whom also helped to run the event throughout the afternoon which ended with the presentation of awards and rosettes to all our drivers. We had some lovely trophies donated by both Tania Thompson and Sue Metcalfe. We have to say a big thank you to everyone who helped us, we cannot do it without you!

Everyone really enjoyed the day, drivers and helpers alike, with all saying can we please do it again next year!

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